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Monday 24th

Contours from the Orient


Friday 15th - Sunday 30th September 2012

Time: 24th Sept - 2nd Oct

Price: Free

Location: Arts Centre


Fares Fares is a Dublin based Documentary and Travel Photographer from Lebanon. What mainly captures his eyes in the landscapes are the elements of the scenery and their interaction with the bright or dull colored space around them to form a particular frame in what he phrases as “Layout Photography”. When documenting people’s life, there is the sense of how humans share their localities, live and integrate with their surroundings. His work has been exhibited at the PhotoIreland Festival, RDS Art Fair, and through series of solo and groups shows in Dublin including “Finn Autumin” opened by the Ambassador of Finland.

Tuesday 25th

Elizabeth Hilliard Recital


Time: 7.30, Tuesday 25th

Price: €10

Location: Sandford Church


Elizabeth Hilliard, soprano & David Bremner on piano. Programme on theme of love and lament, including selections from Debussy’s arriettes oubliees, quilter, Vaughan Williams, finzi and a setting of caoineadh airt ui laoire by siobhan cleary. Elizabeth Hilliard is an Irish soprano. She is in demand as a soloist and chamber musician. A member of the National Chamber Choir of Ireland and Resurgam, she has performed with many of the leading Irish ensembles. This year she performed in two concerts in January with pianist David Bremner at the Kevin Barry Room of the National Concert Hall; in February she took part in a show Picturing the Soul, a multi-disciplinary show curated by Andrea Scott

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Green is The Colour

Time: 8pm, Monday 24th

Price: €5

Location: RMDS


The documentary the wearing of the green was perhaps one of the most popular documentaries shown on rte in the last 10 years. Based on Peter Byrnes book of the same name it traces the amazing history of football in Ireland.  Tonight’s event hosted by Darragh Moloney of RTE, will feature author and football historian Peter Byrne,  Irish football legend Paddy Mulligan and General secretary of the FAI John Delaney.

Peter Byrne will outline some amazing facts about the development of football in Ireland including the split and attempts at reconciliation. together with Paddy Mulligan. Peter will discuss some noteworthy games including Ireland’s great victory in Goodison Park in 1949 and perhaps our greatest ever football victory, beating world champion West Germany 3-0 in 1956 with a team that included 7 league of Ireland players.

Finally, the night will conclude  when John Delaney outlines the challenges faced by the FAI in the future and why the FAI might be the best placed sporting organisation to capture the imagination of a more cosmopolitan Ireland.

The Sayings Of The West


Time: 8pm, Tuesday 25th

Price: €5

Location: Ranelagh Arts Centre


Finnegans Wake and the Hisperica Famina., Diarmuid Curraoin James Joyce’s ‘ Finnegans Wake ‘ is considered by many to be the defining work of the twentieth century’s avant garde literary movement, the moment at which Modernism reached its glorious and opaque zenith. The complex and idiosyncratic language of the work ,replete, as it is, with neologisms, puns and portmanteau words, is often therefore taken to be a structural rejection of all that had gone before, the antithesis of the traditional. This is to forget, however, that the obscurantism for which ‘ Finnegans Wake ‘ is famous, is not entirely unique to it, that writers of the early Irish Golden Age engaged in the self-same multilingual wordplay with similar thematic results. The ‘ Hisperica Famina ‘ is probably the best known of these ancient Irish texts. In the course of this lecture the connections between it and ‘ Finnegans Wake ‘ will be examined and the extent of its influence on Joyce assessed.


Cineclub –


Time: 7.30pm, Monday 24th

Price: €5

Location: Ranelagh Arts Centre


Swansong: The Story of Occi Byrne, tells the story about Austin Byrne who grows up plagued by anger, confusion and pain due to being teased and bullied as a child because he has no father. In the hopes of unlocking his own identity and overcoming the past that haunts him, Austin sets out to find his father and discover the secret of his birth. Remaining fiercely loyal to his mother, Austin is consistently tested on his journey, but eventually learns the true power that comes with love, friendship and most of all, a sense of belonging.

A talk will be given beforehand.

Ranelagh Players Quiz Night


Time: 8pm, Tuesday 25th

Price: Teams of 4 €40

Location: Russells


An exciting night of friendly competition to find the “Brains of Ranelagh”. To support their costs of presenting dramatic productions in Ranelagh.

Paddy Goodwin and the Holy hosts

Time: 10pm, Monday 24th

Price: Free

Location: McSorley’s


Paddy Goodwin is a blues and rock guitarist with impeccable musical credentials. His sterling contacts in the music world ensure that his gigs are events you cannot afford to miss. Over the years, his band The Holy Ghosts has featured a dazzling array of celebrated guest musicians – ranging from film director Neil Jordan and writer Pat McCabe to drummer Brian Downey from Thin Lizzy. Tubular Bells Producer Tom Newman, guitarist Henry McCullough (ex Paul McCartney’s Wings and Joe Cocker), and Johnny Fean, Barry Devlin, Charles O’Connor, Jim Lockhart and Eamon Carr of Horslips have all guested with Paddy’s band at various stages.


Paddy is currently working with the Radiators from Space and members of The Atrix and Tom Matthews on various projects. The lineup of the band has yet to be confirmed but it will certainly include some of the above….

Shake Your Brass


Time: 9pm, Tuesday 25th

Price: Free

Location: McSorley’s


Popular Dublin based jazz/funk and soul band Shake your brass, bring their unique blend of music to Ranelagh. You can expect everything from Marvin Gaye to Amy Winehouse with a bit of Duke Ellington thrown in for good measure. Make sure to get yourself to MacSorleys for a night of wonderful music.


Larry Beau


Time: 9pm, Tuesday 25th

Price: €8

Location: Market Venue


Larry Beau is a Galway born Minstrel, composer and story collector. He began as resident musician with San Francisco’s Omnicircus after a stint in performance school at Berkeley, California in 2001. From there he developed his new identity as a modern-day Irish Minstrel inspired by  twelve months’ story collecting on the Dingle Peninsula in 2002. Since then he has travelled with his show to New York, Hollywood, Edinburgh, Florence and Berlin’s travelling vintage tavern -Spiegeltent. Beau has has released three critically acclaimed albums to date, the most recent: William The Brave, a collection of songs from his  Folk-Opera, was written while on residency at The Shell  Cottage at Carton House, formally home to Marian Faithful. His voice and dramatic stage presence has garnered comparisions to David Bowie, Roy Orbison and Kate Bush

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