Allen Kiely
Close Up
1 July – 9 August 2014

Curated by Rowan Sexton

Allen Kiely’s work spans many continents, featuring a diverse collection of images that document both traditional and contemporary culture. In this collection, entitled, Close Up, he has reflected on years of travel images from India, Africa, Asia and Europe. "What I love most about photography is trying to capture the people I meet. Travelling for me is a collection of memories of the people I encounter. Each person in these shots, recalls a fond memory, a moment in time, somewhere in the world - mostly after taking a bit of time and getting to know the person, not just sticking a camera in their face."

The subjects of the photographs evoke an awareness of cultural similarities and differences between our lives and theirs. The aesthetic sensibilities contained in these portraits capture a range of distinctive individuals, and offer a broader understanding of the world as a whole. As we examine the photographic trace of a physical memory, we see the life experiences of young and old etched on their faces, through their dispositions, emotions and personalities. An extensive spectrum of what constitutes individuals everyday lives is presented in this collection of work, which addresses a variety of diverse global societies, cultural legacies and traditions, and contrasts sharply with images focusing on contemporary celebrity culture.

Allen Kiely has been involved in commercial photography over the past twelve years. His photography has incorporated everything from food to festivals, and his portfolio includes work for both newspapers and private clients. Several of the images included in the exhibition Close Up have been published in National Geographic and Lonely Planet Guides.

Allen Kiely Close Up

Transient Worlds Peter Burns, Gabhann Dunne, Anne Hendrick, Mary Noonan & Caroline Patten "If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” -Edward Hopper Art is not a fixed concept. Opinions of what 'art' is can shift quite dramatically, given the subjective nature of art and the different criteria that a viewer may take into consideration. A myriad of different factors can be taken into account, whether based on aesthetic merit, draftsmanship or the subject matter itself, and so forth. Transient Worlds is a group show from five contemporary painters, Peter Burns, Gabhann Dunne, Anne Hendrick, Mary Noonan & Caroline Patten, each of whom address the inherent formal qualities and processes of painting. Their stylistic sensibilities differ, but the works themselves converge on overlapping themes. Through their practices, these five artists expose their own individual, alternative worlds, examining themes such as mythology and folklore, identity, cultural history, landscape, environment and notions of humanity. The affiliate practices that contribute to the exhibition reflect on a broad range of reference points, personal perceptions, and an instinctual stylistic sensibility throughout the process of production. Each artwork asserts a unique authority, but when care is taken to contextualise each piece in a collective setting - through structure, common properties and the ensuing patterns that materialize as a result of this approach - the effect is far more powerful. Opening Reception Wednesday 14 May, 6.30 - 8.30pm. Exhibition continues 14 May - 28 June 2014. Open: Monday - Saturday 12 - 6pm. Ranelagh Arts Centre, 26 Ranelagh, Dublin 6. (Opposite Luas).

3rd April to 10th May

Surrealist Paintings by Tom Matthews

Opening at Ranelagh Arts Centre on the 3rd of April, the new exhibition by Tom Mathews, Surrealist Paintings, represents another fascinating detour in the career of an artist, writer, and critic whose intelligence, humour, and visual imagination have made him one of the most fascinating figures in Irish cultural life over the past forty years. Markedly different in style to his familiar cartooning work, these bright, brash works are nevetheless filled to bursting with the trademark Mathews' wit, packing an array of visual puns and pop culture references into their bizarre tableaus and featuring cameos from a cast of twentieth century icons from Charlie Chaplin to Mickey Mouse. Colourful, absurd, and slyly funny, this is a unique show from a true original.

The exhibition will be launched at 6:30pm in Ranelagh Arts Centre, 26 Ranelagh, Dublin 6 on Thursday 3rd of April and will be opened by James Hanley RHA

Tom Mathews was born in Dublin in 1952. After working in advertising he studied Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. He has been a freelance cartoonist, writer and critic since 1975. His work appears weekly in The Irish Times and Sunday Independent. He has had thirty one-man shows and his paintings have been exhibited in Living Art, the National Portrait Show and at the RHA. He has illustrated a dozen books, written a novel and published three volumes of cartoons. His last book, The New Adventures of Keats and Chapman, was published in 2008. His hobbies, he says, are "drinking stout and talking too much about James Joyce and Groucho Marx".

Tom Mathews Surrealist Paintings 2