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Recent Exhibitions

Poppies' An exhibition of paintings by The Windy Arbour Artist Group
Thursday 25th June- Thursday 9th July
The windy arbour artist group using the working title ‘ARTBEAT presented an exhibition of contemporary art at the Ranelagh Arts Centre. The exhibition ran for two weeks from Thursday 25th June 2015 to 9th July. This presentation included works by five amateur artists working in various mediums and styles.
Stuart works in acrylics on canvas, painting in the style of Chagall and Kadinsky. The symbolism he portrays alludes to various themes, for example, War and peace. Jonathan also paints using acrylics on canvas and expresses himself mainly in musical themes. Francis paints mainly in watercolour and creates images from places of his past. Niall works in acrylics on canvas and depicts images from nature, in particular the animal kingdom and these are painted in his own unique style, Finally sid creates pictures using the unusual medium of gel and felt tip on board, creating designs that are geometrically abstract. Artbeat tries to present a very diverse
range of art and attempts to appeal to a varied range of taste.

Susan Roundtree- 'Portrait of Ranelagh'
A Dublin village celebrates its history and citizens past and present
Thursday 28th May- Saturday 14th June

The Ranelagh Arts Centre proudly hosted an exhibition celebrating Ranelagh's rich history
Items on show will included archive photographs and documents, along with paintings and other works of art.

Caroline Canning-'Poolbeg'
Thursday 14th May- Saturday 23rd May
Opening Reception 7 p.m May 14th
Exhibition launched by Food Critic Tom Doorley

Poolbeg is a very special spot for many Dubliners. The two striped chimneys are iconic elements in the Dublin landscape. The sky behind them, and the sea around them ever changing. You can see them from all over the city. These paintings showed why the iconic Poolbeg chimneys and their breathtaking surroundings are such a special spot for Dubliners.

“What I love most is to wonder at the beauty of things and do my best to convey this with paint. I like painting about painting and it’s all the juicy textures of the paint and the sheer joyful physicality of it all. Talking about it doesn’t work. You just have to do it. Painting for me creates its own energy.”
Caroline Canning

Caroline has had a number of exhibitions over the last ten years. Her first solo show was in the Dunamaise Arts Centre in Portlaoise in 2008. She has also shown in The American College ( 2005 with Cora O'Brien), Jorgensen Fine Art, The Blue Loft Gallery and Cladaghduff in Connemara.


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Tom Mathews- Alice In Ranelagh
An Exhibition of New Paintings
The Exhibition was launched by Paul Howard, Creator of Ross O'Carroll-Kelly
16 April- 9 May 2015

Alice's adventures in Wonderland were published 150 years ago and to celebrate this anniversary Tom Mathews cartoonist and painter has combined Sir John Tenniel's original vision of the characters with his own surreal approach in a series of dazzling gouaches. Jokes and puns, visual and verbal, and optical illusions abound and Alices like Cooper and Toklas join a cast ranging from Groucho Marx to Mickey Mouse. Like Alice herself these works will appeal to both adults and children.

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Eilish Moore Exhibition of Paintings

21 - 30 November 2014

The exhibition was officially launched by singer Frances Black
at 6.30pm on Thursday 20th November.

The Highlands
The Grand Canal

Eilish Moore spent most of her creative working life organising music events around the city of Dublin from the 1960's onwards. The venues include the Meeting Place, the Civic Centre in Ballyfermot, the Oscar Theatre in Sandymount and Mother Redcaps in the Liberties.

Among the performers she promoted were her brothers Christy Moore and Luka Bloom as well as De Danann, Mary Black, Clannad, Donal Lunny, Paul Brady and of course the Fallen Angels. Eilish was a founder member of the Fallen Angels and sang with them for five years. She also helped create the Dublin Folk Festival which was a major success in the '70s.

When she moved away from the music business her creativity found an outflow through her paintings. From her bright bold colours we can see the influence of her artistic heroes, Monet and Gauguin . Some have compared her work to the vibrant pictures that Kadinsky produced in his early career.

Eilish finds peace and healing in doing her paintings. For her it is a contemplative practice which has been instrumental in helping her get through some periods of depression during her life. We can feel the uplifting nature of her work in the bright vibrant colours in her watercolours. These pictures will add light to the coming winter evenings.

Making a Show of Ourselves

31 October to 16 November 2014


Making a Show of Ourselves was the irreverent title of the forthcoming exhibition at Ranelagh Arts Centre. It showcased the divergent nature and approach of four female Irish artists, Laura Averill, Kathleen Delaney, Alwyn Gillespie and Evanna O’Boyle.

Evanna O’Boyle focuses on the landscape and café scenes with bright interiors, scenes from the everyday peopled with friends. A hive of activity of the West Pier at Howth informs and inspires Laura Averill’s work. Her paintings are imbued with the texture of an industry in which weathered and rusting fishing trawlers are hoisted from the water onto tracks that cross the harbour road and lead to the dry dock; where boats are welded, bashed, repaired, resealed and repainted before being returned again to sea.

Kathleen Delaney explores the inner realms, creating dark interiors that hold ceramic shoes and hearts shining from the charred edifices. Her canvases are filled with words from the internal lyrical dialogue. Watercolours and bronzes are the media used by Alwyn Gillespie. In her watercolours she looks at the animal world, landscape and the nude.

The exhibition was officially launched by playwright and columnist Hillary Fannin at 6pm on Thursday 30th October and ran until 16th November.

Incontri Europei | European Meetings

An Intercultural Exhibition of Irish and Italian Art 12th September 2014-5th October 2014.

Ranelagh Arts Festival was delighted to present the exhibition Incontri Europei – European Meetings at Ranelagh Arts Centre, from 12th September until 5th October, which brought together the work of a number of artists from Italy and Ireland as part of an ongoing intercultural exchange. The eclectic mix of artworks – including painting, video, photography and sculpture – captures the myriad concerns of these different Irish and Italian artists and provides a visual starting point from which to consider the linkages and disparities between their work. By presenting these diverse artworks and artists alongside each other we hoped to visually stimulate and, through the visual arts, provoke further consideration and conversations about Ireland, Italy and intercultural collaboration.

Curated by Jean Doyle, Visual Arts Director at Ranelagh Arts, and Patrizio Donati, Director of Associazione Culturale Il Barattolo, the project was formed in 2006 in Bologna, Italy, while Doyle was studying at the Accademia di Belle Arti Bologna. It marked the continuation of an ongoing relationship between Ranelagh Arts and Associazione Culturale Il Barattolo in collaboration with Galleria de Marchi, Bologna.

Exhibition Coordinators: Sara O'Brien
Emma C. Smith


Prose & Poetry by Cynthia Lewis-Jones & Paintings by Frank Spiers
25 August 7pm- Friday 5 Sept 2014

Frank Spiers